We the members of the APEM SL, LTD are conscious of the absolute need for development, unity and progress in Sierra Leone.


Being cognizant of the fact that social and economic development at community level can be best achieved through organized community work.


With strong faith in our preparedness to facilitate the rehabilitation of the social and economic infrastructure of the displaced population in Sierra Leone.


Whereas we seek to carry forward our intention through co-operation with other organizations or individuals while remaining committed to harnessing available resources for the promotion of a vibrant and self reliant economy in Sierra Leone.


Determined to organize ourselves into a nationaL Non Governmental Organization of our APEM SL, LTD ; based in Bo City, in keeping with the spirit herein declared, we hereby endorse this document as the principal legal instrument that will guide and determine our existence and operation in Sierra Leone and which shall be herein after referred to as the APEM SL, LTD Constitution.